Myths About ACNE

Myths About ACNE

Acne is a very common skin condition popularly known as white head, black head or pimple. Through this article, we are trying to bust few myths prevalent about acne and its treatment, as uncontrolled and untreated acne not only leads to permanent scarring , but emotional distress as well.

MYTH 1: Only teenagers suffer from acne.

TRUTH: Though teenage is the most common age to get acne, but people can get acne in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s and beyond. These are called adult onset acne. If you are having acne at a later age, please consult a dermatologist ASAP, as these might be an indicator of hormonal imbalance.

MYTH 2: Pimples occur only on the face.

TRUTH: Acne can affect face, as well as chest, upper back and shoulders. These are called truncal acne.

MYTH 3: We should let acne run its natural course.

TRUTH: If acne is not treated in time, it can lead to permanent scarring and pigmentation. Early treatment can avoid these complications.

MYTH 4: Acne means you have dirty skin.

TRUTH: Acne is not related to hygiene. Excess oil production by the glands around the hair follicles is the cause for acne. In fact, scrubbing the skin or using harsh cleansers can aggravate the condition.

MYTH 5: Greasy food increases acne.

TRUTH: Not every person needs to have dietary restrictions to control acne. There are no confirmatory studies till date to directly link acne ton dietary habits. Though a small subset of patients might benefit from restriction of dairy products and carbohydrate rich food items.

MYTH 6: OCP’s for acne control? What?

TRUTH: Females suffering from acne and PCOS/PCOD may benefit from OCPs ( Oral Contraceptive Pills). These are prescribed by your Dermatologist or endocrinologist along with the acne medications after proper investigations, as they help in achieving the hormonal balance in these females.

MYTH 7: Acne treatment does not require any investigations.

TRUTH: Acne is very common in people suffering from PCOS or other hormonal conditions. Your dermatologist might order a few tests to see your hormonal balance and prescribe accordingly. Few blood tests are ordered during the course of treatment as well to look for any side effects.

MYTH 8: Do not use cosmetics if you have acne.

TRUTH: Above statement holds true if you are using oil-based makeup and products. Water- based, non-comedogenic makeup can be used, but remove it regularly.

Hope these truths help you bust the myths you believe in. For more updates and informative articles regarding your skin and hair, keep following us.
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