Dharamveer Solanki Multispeciality Hospital

Dr Manish Aggarwal
MBBS, DNB (Surgery), M. Ch. (Urology)


Introducing Dr. Manish Aggarwal: Urology's Guiding Light and Master of Hypospadias!

Sporting an impressive array of qualifications like MBBS, DNB (Surgery), and M.Ch in Urology, Dr. Manish Aggarwal isn’t just another urologist; he’s a beacon of hope for many. With a decade dedicated to the intricacies of urology, his journey and expertise have seen him become a cornerstone in the field. Dr. Aggarwal's commitment to health took a meaningful form during his tenure at Baba Saheb Ambedkar Hospital, where his skills and compassionate care touched countless lives. While his proficiency spans a wide spectrum of urological conditions, Dr. Manish has carved a special niche in treating hypospadias. This niche isn't just about the procedure but is a testament to his dedication to transforming lives, one patient at a time. But beyond his impressive credentials and surgical skills, Dr. Manish stands out for his genuine commitment to his patients. In a world where medical procedures can often feel daunting, he ensures that each individual feels heard, understood, and cared for. In the words of many, with Dr. Manish Aggarwal, you’re not just in the hands of a good urologist, but in the embrace of a healer who truly cares.

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