Dharamveer Solanki Multispeciality Hospital

Dr Prayash P Thakur, MBBS, MD

Radiodiagnosis / Radiology

Meet Dr. Prayash P Thakur: Your Trusted Radiologist with a Radiant Touch!

Dr. Prayash P Thakur, with his impressive MBBS and MD qualifications, is not just a doctor on paper but a true healer at heart. With 6 solid years dedicated to the field, he has beautifully carved a niche for himself as a proficient radiologist. His journey has seen him work with some of Delhi's top medical landmarks. From contributing his skills at RML and Babasaheb Ambedkar Hospital to lending his expertise at Saroj Hospital, Dr. Thakur's experience speaks volumes. But what truly sets him apart? It's his unparalleled dedication to his craft and his innate ability to make patients feel at ease. When you're under Dr. Thakur's care, you're not just getting a clinical radiology session; you're stepping into a space where technology meets genuine care. In the intricate world of radiology, where every image tells a unique story, Dr. Prayash stands as a storyteller who translates these narratives for better health outcomes.

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