Dharamveer Solanki Multispeciality Hospital

Dr. Subodh Kansal

General Medicine / Physician
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With a profound foundation in MBBS and an MD in Medicine, Dr. Subodh Kansal stands out as a distinguished Consultant Physician and Diabetologist. His passion for healthcare and patient well-being is mirrored in his impressive journey through some of the country's esteemed medical institutions. From serving as a Senior Resident at BSA Hospital between 2016 to 2019, Dr. Kansal evolved to be an Attending Consultant at the renowned Max Super Speciality Hospital during 2019-2020. His relentless commitment to medical excellence found its latest expression at Shree Aggarsain International Hospital, where he graced the role of Consultant from January 2020 till November 2022. Behind those stellar credentials is a physician who values patient trust, understands the complexities of diabetes, and employs a holistic approach to treatment and care. When you're with Dr. Kansal, you're not just with a doctor, but with a healthcare companion dedicated to your well-being.

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